The NASDTEC Clearinghouse

The NASDTEC Clearinghouse is a searchable database administered by the education departments of NASDTEC members. Access to the Clearinghouse is restricted to jurisdictional agencies responsible for educator certification and discipline and additional interested education organizations approved by NASDTEC on a read-only basis.


The NASDTEC Directory

The NASDTEC Directory contains information about the teacher education and certification personnel in all 50 states, the US Possessions, and the Canadian provinces. As such, it is a reliable source of information on all of the above listed jurisdictions. The file is updated by the members as changes take place, ensuring that you will always have access to the very latest information on who's who. their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, websites, and mailing addresses.

In addition, there's a complete listing of NASDTEC associate members composed of institutes of higher education, companies with products serving the educational market, and other education associations.

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